HUGE game overhaul.

Hello everyone, when we last chatted I was excited to show new features, but I didn't exactly have the fundamentals of the game down correctly. I am going to most likely recreate each level, the way I'm going to create levels is based on what feels best. I am going to hand draw out paths on my lunal lane notebook to see what would be best.  the art does not reflect the gameplay in the current state, the maps look good but they don't play as good as they look, and that's mostly because i have made all of these maps before I even had a titlescreen on the game.In order to give people the best experience with the game I want to bank up ideas before I continue to do almost anything in the game. 

New features: 
Climbing: The character can now grip to walls and subsequently climb those walls.
Enhanced combat: Enemies have dynamic health, an inventory, and even interact with eachother.
First boss fight: The first boss fight has been made finally, it was a blast making it and I'm excited for you to try it out yourself. 
Enhanced graphics: I have added new visual effects, particles, new tiles, tilesets, and locations.
More lore: there is 100% more lore in the  game(meaning there wasn't any lore to begin with.
Developer menu: I have made my own dev mode/cheat mode to instantly create objects in the game engine whenever I please.
& the rest of the updates I will talk about later, like mobile support and fishing.

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