Change of things.

Hello, the game was starting to really stray away from the original idea I had for lunal lane. Here's a list of things.


Inventory- The inventory and all items have  been removed for various reasons, it mostly didn't feel like something that really adding to the gameplay.
Levels- Levelling up was originally going to be a huge factor in gameplay, but now things are a little different. 


Holding- Pressing P your character can lift certain items above their head for numerous reasons.
Pets- The ability to tame and train pets is in the game, and it is going to be a very in depth system. The monsters you fight will give you research points for that monster, get enough research points and that monster will be tameable. After that you may have to experiment with how to tame certain creatures. 
Codex- I added a monster codex that tells you how many research points you have for a monster and details about the monsters.
Quests- Quests exist as a way to guide you through and because quests/missions are a huge part of most games.
Questbook- Naturally with quests comes some sort of menu to look through them.


Farm- the farm will hold all of your pets (max of 4) and will be there to manage them and switch out between which one you have active.
Fusion- The farm isn't there just for looks, when outside Lunal Lane you can fuse certain monsters together to make a stronger one entirely. 
Fishing- I really would love to see fishing come to life to add another aspect to the game
Abilities- Taming pets isn't for nothing, each pet has it's own level and it's own ability. The slime will get a goo ability that will slow any enemy you hit for a short while, also your pets health attaches to your  own, allowing you to have a lot of health depending on the pet, and level of the pet.
Food- I want to make food for the character to eat when it's holding it. 

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