V0.04 Current Changelog

Lunal Lane V0.04

Bug Fixes/ Changes


(List is being changed until full release, will update if big changes happen.)

Deleted features(Deleted because they were replaced with better features):
Picking up items in the inventory.
Item slots.
Levelling up.
On location fusion.
Signs(never were implimented to begin with)

General changes:
Added new notification system.
Added new tutorial system.
Added new codex tab to the inventory.
Added new quest book tab to the inventory.
Added new quest system.
Added location picker to move between the town, the player home, and the farm.
Added new textbox texture.
Added new farm location.
Added typewriter text + sounds.
Added new picking up mechanic.
Added new animations for when things talk.
Fixed the female walking animation.
Added ability for light to radiate.
Added gradual movement for players + enemies.
Added Textures for boxes that used to be white(almost done)
Fixed the player from running or jumping in locations they shouldn't
(Pleasant drive, player home, shop, farm)
Fixed the player from climbing in places they shouldn't.
(Pleasant drive, player home, shop, farm)
Fixed the player from opening the inventory in places they shouldn't.
(on game over screen, when someone is talking, when a tutorial is active)
Fixed the player falling when entering certain locations.
Fixed the player facing the wrong direction when entering certain locations.
Added themes to the Toxicc kidz & the shop(not official)
Added new animations for the launch ability, and when picking up objects.

TitleScreen 1:
Added movement/extra movement to Skeleton & Logo.
Fixed song audio issue.

TitleScreen 2: 
Added new background. 
Change font color to white.
Added the ability to see what quest a save file is on.
Added text to show the settings menu isn't available yet.
Fixed a bug causing the game to attempt to load all save files at once.

Opening Cutscene:
Added a new fade and text.
Added more scenery.
Fixed a bug causing the moon to move too fast when screen moves.
Fixed a bug causing the text to move too quickly.
Slowed female characters walk speed.

Pleasant Drive:
Fixed text appearing for the Lunal Festival when it's over.
Condensed the town down to a smaller area while the rest is being made.
Added the top right side from the path to Pleasant Peak.
Added extra trees and grass.
Added day and night time.

Added Lunal Festival poster for the event.
Added Bird cage for chiito.

Player house:
Now has been moved to the blue home(not official)
Changed the entire inside to look a little nicer(not official)
Added lighting for when it is night time.

Quest: "Strange Place..."
Has been condensed down to 5 levels.
The player now falls through a bridge and enters a mine.

Quest: "Mr Gemlins Wish"
Added talk between player and Mr.Gemlin.
Added job for the shopkeeper.

Farm has been fully textured.
Shows what pets you have.
Day and night(not finished)

Added new special attack. Holding the attack button for 2 seconds
will cause your character to flash and depending on your pet, you will do 
different things.
When the player is hit by enemies, they are now invincible and can phase through
enemies for a short amount of time.
Fixed bug of player hitting an enemy multiple times when only pressing the attack
button once.

Added new pet system.
Killing enemies gains you research points for that enemy, gain enough and you can
tame that enemy, causing it to be your friend.
Added taming menu.
Added sending pets back to the farm if you have a pet currently.
Added research points system for each enemy.
Added levels for each enemy.

Added 'goo' ability. 
(When the player hits an enemy they will be temporarily slowed)
Added 'launch' ability.
(Charge attack sends player flying in the direction they are facing, deals 2 damage to enemies)

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